Otoplasty - Surgical correction of ears

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Otoplasty is a short plastic surgery with apt and impressive results that may easily be done with topic anesthesia. Rarely is the need for an operation with the assistance of an anesthesiologist, and only is the patient requires so.

The operation is done on the ear’s wing malformation, that are common, and not on the aplasia or microtia that accompany the semi-facial atrophy. The latter involves bigger operations with total anesthesia and transport of cartilage implant. Otoplasty can be made from a patient of 9 years of age and above, whereas from this age, the development of his ear has been completed.

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After the operation the patient does not stay in the hospital. He goes out a short time later after the surgery, wearing an elastic band-aid around his head. Instructions are given for antibiotic therapy, and he is given painkillers (Depon, Lonarid, but no Aspirin) in case small pain occurs. Four days after the operation the first change is made. The patient can from this point bathe his head. There are usually no stitches and the scar that might be created is hidden behind the ear.

In this simple operation, it is also important to keep the naturalness of all the elements comprising the ear and the lobe. The wing and the lobe must not fully “stick” to the head and the anthelix should not be traumatized from a misfortunate surgical fold of the cartilage.