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SYMETRIA CORPORIS Plastic Surgery CLINIC (S'C'C) is founded by Dr. Angel Enchev M.D.-PhD - Specialist of Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive surgery and Obesity surgery.

Over 30 types of plastic surgeries and aesthetic interventions and procedures of the body and face are performed in the clinic and works with the latest technologies in the aesthetic and plastic surgery and obesity treatment. The clinic offers breast augmentation with silicon implants of the last generation.

Breast Surgery
Breast Surgery Breast Surgery in Plastic Surgery Dr. Angel Enchev - enlargement of breasts by placing silicone implants, reduction and lifting bust, breast reconstruction, and shaping the breasts in men and gynecomastia.
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Body Surgery
Body Surgery Body surgery for body shaping is recommended for all people who want beautiful appearance and make these plastic surgery for his own comfort. Surgical procedures and plastic surgery related to body - sculpting, liposuction are shaping the abdomen, lifting arm, thigh lift, seat adjustment and ...
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Face Surgery
Face Surgery Plastic surgery of the face are intended to improve the appearance and erase the signs of aging. Some of the interventions are designed to correct existing deficiencies, to restore form and function. Surgical procedures on the face are rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, facelift, neck lift ...
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Sexual surgery
Sexual surgery Sexual surgery for thickening and lengthening of penis, gynecomastia, andrology, female sexual surgery, sex change.
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Dr. Angel Enchev, M.D. Ph.D.

Sofia, Bulgaria
192, Vitosha blvd

tel.: +359 2 95 22 123

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