Grossesse аfter abdominoplastie

Grossesse аfter abdominoplastie

Women who are planning on a future pregnancy should consider waiting before having a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery. It is preferable to be done about nine months after a child-birth, allowing the body to be fully recovered. During pregnancy the skin of the abdomen area stretches to accommodate the growing fetus. The muscles that were tightened during a tummy tuck, can separate again during pregnancy. The skin that is re-stretched may not ever return to normal proportions again.

Although most plastic surgeons agree that it is best to have this surgery performed after a woman is finished with having children for optimal results, there are many women who do have pregnancies after abdominoplasty, without experiencing any problems with the recovery and shape of their figures.

Remember, pregnancy following tummy tuck surgery will generally not be a complication during pregnancy and child birth and is not a threat to the baby`s health.

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding after a Breast Augmentation

The presence of a breast implants will have no effect on the ability to become pregnant, deliver a baby or even breast feed. Breast Augmentation have been shown to have no effect on children or future offspring.