Biography of Dr. Angel Enchev MD-PhD - Bulgaria

Biography of Dr. Angel Enchev MD-PhD - Bulgaria


Dr Angel Enchev MD PhD is born in 1970 in Plovdiv. In 1988 he graduates high school in his hometown, and during the period 1990 – 1996 he studies and graduates Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria with highest honors. In 1997 he leaves for Greece, where he successfully takes his Diploma in Medicine before D.K.A.T.S.A.


His postgraduate qualification and practice are in the following hospitals:
- 1998 – 2000 Specialization in General Surgery – Hospital “Agia Varvara” Athens as foreign scholarship student;
- 21.12.2001 – 20.12.2005 – “Agios Savvas” Hospital, Athens, works as foreign scholarship student in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Department;
- 20.05.2004 – 19.11.2004 takes part in the educational program of the Urology Department of “Agios Savvas” Hospital, Athens;
- 16.05.2005 – 15.11.2005 takes a six-month course in Paediatric Surgery in “Agios Savvas” Hospital, Athens;



Dr Angel Enchev MD PhD has taken part in the following postgraduate qualification seminars in the area of Plastic Surgery:
- Head and Neck Surgery, Lower Limb Surgery - Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery “Higia” Hospital, Athens,January 2000;
- Surgery of Upper Limb - Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in “Iaso” Hospital, Athens, November 2000;
- Head and Neck Surgery, Breast Surgery -  Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Metaxa Hospital - February 2001;
- Seminar on the problems of melanoma tratment and surgery- Greek Melanoma Association, Athens,October 2002;
- Microsurgery: Theory and Experimental surgeries /total of 16 classes/, Athens, 28.02.-02. 03. 2003;
- Postgraduate qualification -educational training course on the process of adjusting and developing the usage of  animal tissues into and as a human skin tissue
- Augmentation mammoplasty with the latest generation of silicon implants
Specialization abroad - 6 months in Brazil -Latest surgery techniques in using a silicon implants in breast augmentation and buttock lift procedures
8 months in Munich, Germany – Fellowship in surgical treatment on overweight patients (laparoscopy)-obesity surgery


Scientific Certificates
November 1997 – Medical Practice License
Diploma for plastic, esthetic and reconstructive surgery form the Medical University Athens, recognized by the Ministry of Health Bulgaria.

Scientific companyies and associations:

President of B.A.S.S. (Balkan Asotiation of Sexual Surgery)
President of B.A.M.B.A.S. (Bulgarian Asotiation of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery) - www.bambas.bg
E.M.A.S. – Society studying the human sexuality
HE.S.P.R.A.S – member since 2006 - http://www.hespras.gr/
M.S.D.S. Mediterranean Sexual Dysfunction Society
O.T.C. - Obesiti Treatment Corporation
European UGRS Institute - http://www.the-european-institute-ugrs.com