Post-op Anleitung

Post-op Anleitung

After your discharge from the hospital and once you are at home, remember to strictly follow the postoperative instructions, your surgeon gave you.

- In the first days, try to avoid foods containing MSG and salt. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Avoid fried, spicy and greasy foods, also convenience foods.
- Try to have a lot of water and rest to help your body to go easiest as possible through the recovery period.
- When lying and sleeping, please consider carefully the position of your body. When resting, your body needs to be in a comfortable, semi- sitting position, using pillows. When sleeping it is strictly prohibited lying on your stomach.
- If needed, take painkillers, according to preliminary instructions or after consultation with your surgeon.
- Do not drink alcohol while taking prescribed by the plastic surgeon, medication.
- Avoid sharp movements and lifting or carrying heavy objects or children.
- If you feel chills and you have a fever, painful swelling or burning on the surgical incisions, please contact us immediately.
- Up to two days after the surgery, it is normal to experience constipation. If this continues for more than two days, please contact us immediately.
- If you feel itching or sore throat, please contact us immediately as this may be a sign of an allergy to any of the medications you are taking.
- It is normal to feel some kind of discomfort for five to seven days after your discharge from the hospital, but with each passing day, the pain and discomfort will decrease.
- Ask your plastic surgeon when to take a shower. Please do not take a bath during the first two weeks of recovery. The attendance of swimming pools is not allowed until recovery due to possible bacterial infection in the surgical incisions.
- It is not allowed to play sports and have a physical exertion during the first three weeks after the surgery.
- It is recommended to reduce or stop smoking during the first week of the recovery period.
- You can start driving after a consultation with the plastic surgeon, but no earlier than a week after the surgery and after discontinuing the use of pain medications.
- Each surgery leaves a scar, which have about a year to fade and become almost invisible. Please, treat them with caution, avoid exposure to sun, as it may result in unwanted pigmentation and strictly follow the instructions your plastic surgeon gave you.

Emotional support is an important part of the recovery process. Although you will get a lot of help, understanding and compassion from the staff of Symetria Corporis Clinic, once you are at home it`s possible your relatives to not act or react according to your expectations. Others do not often understand the importance this surgery has for you and how to deal with feelings and emotions of what is going on. Your friends and your family may have true intentions, but they do not have the right information which can help you. Remember, this may be the first and only surgery for you, but we go through this every day, so it is very important to us that you feel comfortable and secure and you can reach out for us whenever you feel the need to.