Consulta con el Dr. Ángel Enchev

Consulta con el Dr. Ángel Enchev

We understand that your time is valuable as we set aside some time especially for your consultation, so we provide some tips to assist you in any way possible.

Occasionally there can be some waiting for consultations, so out of respect for all patients, we ask that you be on time for each appointment and or give us at least a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your consult, since we`ve set that time specifically for you.


1. Will the surgery be performed in a hospital or a surgical Facility and if Yes, which hospital?
2. How many procedures do you perform like this each year?
3. May I see before and after photos of your work?
4. Are you going to personally perform the surgical intervention?
5. Am I going to meet you for post-op exams or someone else will follow my recovery?
6. What type of implant do you use and what would you recommend for me /for instance the differences between smooth, textured, round, shaped, high profile, low profile, adjustable etc./
7. Does a warranty cover the implants and is there any kind of medical document which I will be receiving?
8. Do you use photos, sizers, or just your eye to determine this size? Will I be able to determine the look of my breasts after the surgery?
9. Is nipple reduction necessary to achieve the best possible result?
10. Is breast reduction/lift necessary to achieve the best possible result?
11. What type of incision do you prefer to use, Inframammary, Periaerealor (also known as the Areola Incision), Armpit (axillary or transaxillary), or Navel (transumbilical or TUBA) and why?
12. What type of position of the implant do you recommend?
13. How long have you been practicing plastic surgery?
14. Do you use drains after surgery?
15. Do you use external nasal splints and nasal packing in rhinoplasty?
16. How long do I have to wait before removing the nasal splint?
17. What will be the duration of the surgery?
18. Does your doctor use a doctor anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist?What type is the anesthesia?
19. How will I feel when I wake up after the surgery?
20. How much pain can I expect after the surgery and will I be able to have any medication for this?
21. Do I need to undergo any medical tests or exams before surgery or tit`s going to be done in the day of the intervention? Are they included in the price?
22. Will I need assistance the first day or so after surgery or will I be able to care for myself?
23. How long will it take for me to return to my normal activities such as driving, lifting, sex, returning to work, exercise?
24. Will the breast implants interfere with pregnancy or nursing?
25. Will the implants interfere with future mammograms?
26. Do the stitches need to be removed or they are absorbable?
27. Will the testicular implants interfere with my sex life?
28. Will there be any problems with the medication I`m currently taking?Will they interfere in any way with the surgery?
29. How much is the surgery and does that include your fee, implants, anesthesia, hospital charges and follow up visits?
30. When is payment due?
31. How soon can we do the surgery and what are my responsibilities?