Informations préopératoire du patient

Informations préopératoire du patient

Once you have decided to undergo plastic surgery and several days are remaining, it is necessary to carefully consider and plan the postoperative period.

After your discharge from the hospital, recovery process takes place at home, which is an extremely important part of achieving the best possible outcome after the surgery.

Safe and comfortable recovery is as important as choosing a surgeon, and the place where the operation took place.

Make a plan for the upcoming two weeks, for example:
- Prepare your relatives for the upcoming surgery and ask them to be available for the first few days after discharge
- If you have children, consider not to engage in taking care of them at the beginning of your recovery, especially if they are babies to 2 years old.
- Clean your house before leaving for the hospital so you won`t have to worry about cleanliness while recovering from surgery
- Provide transportation to the hospital or the proper place to perform regular follow-ups, as driving is not recommended during the first week after the surgery

The day before surgery /or several days/ we will contact you or e-mail you / patients living outside Bulgaria / to remind of the following of the preoperative instructions you`ve received at the consultation with Dr. Angel Enchev and to specify the time of the hospitalization.

Two weeks before surgery:
- Do not take aspirin and/or its derivatives, there is a possibility of affecting the blood clotting during surgery
- Do not take ibuprofen and its derivatives, there is a possibility of affecting the blood clotting during surgery
- Stop taking herbal medicines, since most of them have side-effects, which could interfere with blood clotting during surgery
- Stop taking pills, not prescribed by a specialist, since most of them can affect anesthesia or cause cardiovascular problems
- Do not take Vitamin E in particularly high doses
- It is recommended to stop or reduce smoking / especially if upcoming surgery is facelift /
- Do not take contraceptives or hormone therapy in high doses, inconsistent with the relevant specialist
- Start taking multivitamins as you continue through the recovery period
- If you are going to have a breast augmentation surgery or breast lift, please have a breast-ultrasound document or mammography / if you have done such in the last three months prior to surgery, you can bring the result of it, without undergoing a new one /

One week before surgery:
- Do not take alcohol and / or drugs, because they can affect the anesthesia and cause bleeding during surgery
- Depending on skin type use antibacterial soaps /Safeguard/
- Immediately contact us to if you have signs and symptoms of developing any kind of cold, infection or existing pregnancy
- Do not take any medication for a cold or infection without knowledge and permission of your doctor and your surgeon
- Arrange transport to and from Medline Hospital /after your discharge, it is not recommended to drive by yourself/

The evening before surgery and in the morning, on the day of the operation:
- Do not eat and drink six hours prior surgery. The usage of chewing gum and candy is not allowed on the day of the surgery
- Wash your hair the night before surgery or in the morning before carrying out her / depending on weather / and take a shower, preferably with antibacterial soap or shower gel. These actions reduce the risk of bacterial infection and contamination during the surgery and the first hours of the postoperative period
- On the day of the operation, do not use lotions or sprays, body deodorants, perfumes, creams, makeup, styling tools, hair / nail polish, gel or spray / as they increase the risk of bacterial infection and contamination during operation and the first hours of the postoperative period
- Please remove all jewelry / rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches / and piercings and contact lenses before surgery. If you are undergoing a facelift / and / or of plastic blepharoplasty, you can bring your sunglasses and wide hat that does not cause discomfort
- Bring with you comfortable cotton clothes and shoes that do not cause discomfort
- Upon arrival at Medline Hospital, please look for us as our team awaits you.

All medical tests and examinations will be made upon hospital admission by relevant specialists. Hospital stay, fees, all medication and supplies used during and after surgery are included in the price of the surgery and are not a subject to additional charging!!!