Neck Lift with Platysmaplasty

Neck Lift with Platysmaplasty

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The first visible signs of aging are face wrinkles and sagging skin in the neck.

The surgical Neck Lift with a Platysmaplasty is one of the most transforming procedures in plastic surgery.

The surgical removement of the excess skin and fat in the neck area is called a Neck Lift with a Platysmaplasty. This procedure can be performed separately and in combination with a Facelift.

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It is performed under general anesthesia and lasts from 60 to 80 minutes. The surgical technique is based on each patient`s individuality and the degree of the needed correction. When a minimal contouring is required, the recommended procedure is a double chin liposuction, in order to remove the local fat deposits. This is recommended for patients at a younger age or when the skin hasn`t lost its elasticity. The presence of a sagging skin or so called "Turkey Neck" imposes the necessity of its surgical removal by making an incision under the chin, the reposition of the platysma muscle / when a corset platysmaplasty is planned, the muscles are joint tight together for a better contouring/, carefully removing the excess fat and skin and then sutured with dissolvable threads and cosmetic seam. An elastic bandage is placed and a drainage if needed.

In the post-operative period a slight pain is rarely observed, if necessary a painkillers are prescribed. There is a possibility of a swelling and bruising, which disappears within a few days, and also some numbness in the neck area, which is restored up to three weeks after the procedure.

In strict compliance with the postoperative instructions, given by the surgeon who performed the procedure, the Neck lift with a Platysmaplasty can have a lifetime lasting result. Neck lifting is possible only with a surgical procedure, the other non-surgical procedures and treatments cannot achieve this effect, but it is possible to slow down the aging process. This procedure is suitable for women and men aged 40 to 80.

Before undergoing a surgical Neck lift with a Platysmaplasty, smoking is strictly prohibited, so is the intake of Aspirin and its derivatives, for at least two weeks before the procedure.