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Modeling the cheekbones is intervention, desired by both men and women.

Both most popular methods of augmentation-modeling of cheekbones are being injected with hyaluronic acid similar to the one being used for filing nasal-labial wrinkles, or augmentation of lips and autologous of own fat.

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The injecting of hyaluronic acid is a routine procedure, performed with local anesthesia in a hospital, or ambulatory setting. The procedure lasts about 30 min. There is slight swelling and redness for 24 to 48 hours. The durability of the result from the intervention is from 1 to 2 years.


Augmentation-modeling of cheekbones with autologous own fat is a procedure taken place in hospital-clinic under total anesthesia because it is preceded by liposuction. Thus the collected fat is processed, separated and subsequently placed in the desired areas. The stay in hospital is 24 hours. The durability of the result in this intervention is from 2 to 3 years.


Augmentation-modeling of cheekbones is an intervention desired both by men and women.

The placement of implants has a goal to form and stress the cheekbones. This way it gives more expression to the face, it becomes more attractive and looks younger.

The first step is to go to a consultation. During the consultation:

  • A picture will be taken of your face and cheekbones, reflecting their condition at the moment.
  • Your surgeon will decide if this procedure is appropriate for you.
  • You will discuss the wanted result and to what extent it can be achieved.
  • A certain type and size implant will be set for you.
  • You will be shown where the cuts will be made and the operative technique will be explained.
  • You will be informed for the recovery period and for the probably risks and complications related to the upcoming procedure.
  • You will receive instructions on what to do before the surgery and what tests you will need.

What is expected from you during the consultation:

  • To ask the surgeon about all the questions which excite you about the upcoming procedure.
  • To inform the doctor if you have any illness as for all medications you take at the moment/ if there is any /.

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The duration is about an hour, hour and a half. Most often the incision is made inside of the mouth so that there are no scars. The implants are placed in the made pocket over the bone of the cheekbones.
The results are permanent and the implants do not have to be changed. The patients can enjoy their new vision eternally without additional surgery.
The recovery is quick. The stay in the clinic is 24 hours, when the operation is done general anesthetic. When local anesthesia is used the patient can leave a couple of hours after the operation. The stitches are not removed because they are being absorbed with time.

During the first days, or no more than a week the chin will be swollen and drained. It is good for the patient to keep his head in an up-right position, so the swelling decreases faster. Ice could be placed during the first couple of hours after the operation.

After the operative pain is moderate and it responds well to simple pain killers. After a week the patient can go back to work and be part of his daily routine. There are standards for any surgery risks of infections and hemorrhage / hematoma /.

There is possible shifting of the implants, where if the procedure is done properly should not happen.
Hypersensitivity or numbness are also possible in the area of the cheekbones, these symptoms disappear without further medication after month and a half, two. You can avoid, or lower the risk of complications with the choice of plastic surgeon with the relevant experience and qualifications.

Augmentation-modeling of cheekbones with implants can be implemented as a standalone procedure, or performed with a combination with other corrections such as facelift, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty.

It is possible for the patient to want implantations in the chin or lips to highlight the expression of his/her face even more.
Other minor procedures which can be made are, Botox injected in the forehead and wrinkles in the outer angle of the eyes / etc. "Chanterelle"/, also as lipofilling – most often in the areas of nasolabial folds, cheeks and in lips.

These options should be discussed with your surgeon during the time of consultation, so the best choices can be made.