La depilación láser

La depilación láser

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The latest generation of Syneron Candela Alexandrite Laser GentleLase Pro-U is the first effective aesthetic medicine laser designed to ensure long-term removal of unwanted hair, treatment of pigment spots and vascular lesions. GentleLase Pro-U is powerful, fast and due to its specially developed technology (755 nm wavelength), achieves extremely effective results for painless and permanent hair removal.

GentleLase Pro-U comfort is guaranteed by the DCD skin cooling system which is integrated into the laser and the procedures are suitable for all skin types.

Laser hair removal is a process in which the use of laser light destroys the hair follicle, which leads to permanent removal of unwanted hair on the face and body. GentleLase Pro-U is a laser that emits high energy light through an Alexandrite crystal to produce a ray of 755 nm. The 755 nm waves it releases are best absorbed by the melanin in the hair, resulting in heating until its destruction. The alexandrite laser is effective in treating all types of skin and hair, and over 80% of the unwanted hair disappears permanently after the recommended number of procedures (between 6 and 8 for thinner hair or 8 to 12 for thicker and darker hairs). The number of laser hair removal procedures depends on various factors such as skin and hair types, treated area (body or face), hair density, individual hair growth cycle, and the presence of different hormonal conditions. Anatomically, the hair is divided into two parts (stem and root, the stem is the visible part of the hair, and the root is located in the dermis) and has three growth stages (anagen phase); a transition phase (catagen phase) and a resting phase (telogen phase). The laser attacks the hairs that are in the active phase of growth, and since other hairs that are in another phase of their development will reach an active phase of growth at different times, it is necessary to perform an additional procedure to destroy all hair follicles in treated area.
The recommended interval for laser hair removal procedures with GentleLase Pro-U is 30-40 days for the face area (upper lip, chin, neck, cheekbones) in 45-60 days for armpits, arms, chest, back, abdomen, pubic area and buttocks and in 60-90 days for thighs and lower legs.
Before the laser hair removal procedure, it is necessary to remove the hairs from the treated area in the previous evening by shaving or depilating cream, avoiding any skin damage. In cases of hair removal with epilator or others, it is necessary to have a time period from 30 to 45 days of epilation, before the body area is subjected to a laser hair removal procedure, during which period the hairs should be removed by shaving or depilatory cream.

Laser hair removal is NOT performed when the skin was exposed to direct sunlight or solarium for two weeks before the procedure as there is a risk of skin burns and unwanted consequences.

The duration of the procedure with GentleLase Pro-U is from 2 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the volume of the treated area. Local anesthesia or anesthetic creams or medications are not required, as during the epilation a cryogenic skin cooling system (Zimmer Cryo 6) is used to protect skin from the heat and therefore the procedure is completely painless. In the GentleLase Pro-U procedures, a contact gel is not used, unlike most diode lasers or various IPL devices. Approximately 10-12 days after the procedure, the hairs in the treated area will begin to fall. In rare cases, immediately after the procedure, a little bit of redness is possible to appear or a slight itching to occur but it is expected to disappear after a couple of hours. After performing a laser hair removal procedure the use of sunscreen cosmetics on treated areas (over a period of 48 to 72 hours) is absolutely necessary regardless of the season and especially if an exposure of skin to direct sunlight is expected. Hydration cosmetics use are recommended.
After the procedure for laser hair removal with GentleLase Pro-U, a long-lasting side effects are not expected and the person can return to fulfilling their daily duties.
Syneron Candela’s Alexandrite laser GentleLase Pro-U is the most powerful of all existing hair removal lasers and has the highest efficiency in laser depilation.

Лазерна епилация с GentleLase Pro-U

* all prices are in bgn/leva, for a single procedure and VAT included





Pubic area 8 min. 130 -
Armpits 2 min. 40 50
Upper Lip 2 min. 30 30
Chin 2 min. 30-50 30-50
Lower Legs 25-30 min. 250 300
Legs 40-45 min. 550 650
Upper Arms 15-20 min. 100 130
Arms 25-30 min. 150 200
Areolas 4 min. 30 30
Abdomen 12 min. 100 120
Lower Abdomen 5 min. 50 50
Bikini Area 5 min. 70 -
Side whiskers 5 min. 30-50 30-50
Chest 20-25 min. 120 180
Back 25 min. 220 300
Shoulders 10 min. 80 130
Waist 5 min. 100 120
Groins 7 min. - 150
Buttocks 10 min. 120 150
Cheekbones 4 min. 30 30
Front neck 5 min. 40 70
Back neck 5 min. 30 30-50
Brows 5 min. 30 30
Thighs 20-30 min. 350 400
Ears 4 min. 30 30
Back and waist 30 min. 300 420

* For a package rate, please write at doctorenchev@symetria.bg or call 0878 707827.