Arm Lift

Arm Lifting Surgery

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The arms are a “victim” of weight loss and age. The operation leaves a scar along the inner surface of the arm. There is always special care that the incision could not exceed the “border” of the elbow. On its upper part, the incision should have a V shape, so as to keep the proper front and rear angle of the armpit and preserve the hair of that area. The scars after the operation are not intense and are not discernible during the arm movement, except when uplifting.
The operation is simple, with a mild post-operational course and the patient can return to his work from the next day. The breast relaxation always co-exists with the arm relaxation, thus, the simultaneous treatment is suggested. Their post-operational course is shared and mild. Moreover, the patient can bear in mind that he gains time and money, since the second operation is half the price.
The use of aspirin for 4 days before the operation is forbidden.